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All DJs are the same! Right?

There are few instances in life that require making decisions as important as the decisions you will make as you plan the details of your wedding day. Choosing vendors and planning the details of your once in a lifetime day can be as nerve wrecking and overwhelming as buying a new home or a new car. Not to say that choosing a DJ for your wedding is exactly the same as buying a new car, but perhaps the approach to buying a new car should be applied to hiring the DJ for your reception. Wait a second, all cars are the same. Right?

Lets say there are two seemingly identical cars side-by-side. Same make, same model, same year, and same color. Of course they both are your favorite color. Car A costs $1,000 and car B costs $5000. Which one do you choose? Initially you may be drawn to car A. Why not? Both cars are identical right? But when you move in for a closer look you discover that car B has a robust V8 engine under the hood. Car A, well car A has what looks like an engine from a riding lawn mower. Car B has satellite radio and a place to plug in your mp3 player. Car A has an 8-track player. The more you investigate, the more you realize these two cars appear to be identical, but they are drastically different.

Like cars, DJs come in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and functions. The slogan of my new friends and mentors, founders of the Marbecca Method (, Mark and Rebecca Ferrell is, “Its not WHAT you do. Its HOW you do it”.

At a very basic level, yes, DJs are essentially the same in that we all have a basic knowledge and skill set to accomplish what we need to do at your wedding reception. What sets one DJ apart from another is the “how”.

HOW do they greet you at your initial consultation, or on your first phone call? HOW does it feel when you interact with the potential DJ? HOW do they answer the questions you ask them? HOW much do they seem to care that your reception is your reception and not theirs? Call at least three of their references and ask them HOW the DJ in question interacted with your guests and your other vendors. Ask the references HOW the DJ handled making announcements. Most importantly ask the references HOW the DJ made them feel from the time they signed a contract until the grand exit at the end of their reception.

The “how” is also what influences what could be a drastic difference in price from one DJ to the next. Like car A and car B, if you stand three DJs side-by-side they may appear to be the same on the surface but one of them is an 8-track player, one is the satellite radio, and one is somewhere in between. Well call them the in-dash cd player. HOW a DJ prepares for your reception and HOW many hours a DJ spends preparing for your reception are calculated into how much a DJ charges. Keep the “how” in mind as you evaluate potential DJs and decide which one fits into your budget.

Your wedding reception is a special event, an important event, and should be a unique event, as unique as you are. DJs are like your reception should be, unique. It is our uniqueness that influences the “how” part of what we do as entertainers and masters of ceremonies. So as you search for the DJ that is the perfect fit for you and your reception take a little extra time to “look under the hood” and “kick the tires” before you decide which DJ you should hire.

Congratulations on your engagement & happy planning!


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