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What is a Chief Inspiration Officer?

About a year ago I was sitting at my desk and found myself day dreaming about who knows what. I know I was supposed to be thinking about something purposeful but for whatever reason that just wasn’t happening. What I do remember is that it was last January. Once I snapped out of the day dream it hit me! I had a new mission!

The mission was to find a way to help couples realize that their wedding day is THEIR wedding day and no one elses. By the way, you’ll see that phrase a lot. I either say it or write in almost every interview I do and article or blog I write. Because it’s not just a cliché thing for me. It’s a truth I believe in.

Ok back to the whole it’s YOUR wedding day thing and the mission I mentioned. A mission that I’m still on, just fyi. Over the years I’ve talked to bunches and bunches of soon to be brides & grooms and already married couples. There is a theme to almost every wedding day horror story I hear. It usually involves one or more vendors convincing the bride and groom to do something their way because they have “all” the experience and they know what they’re talking about (I’m wagging my finger and using my “I’m the parent and I know what’s best for you” voice). Even if it’s not really what the couple wanted. The extreme horror story, especially when it comes to a DJ and/or MC, is them doing something at the reception without checking with the couple first! Or even worse doing something the bride or groom specifically asked them NOT to do! When I ask if the vendor at least apologized for what they did most couples say yes. Don’t get me wrong, an apology is great but once a bad memory is made an apology won’t erase it. A few say, “No, he/she said they did because it’s part of what they do at a reception and they’ve been doing it for ___ years.”

WHAT!?!? Does hearing those stories bother you as much as they bother me? No one’s wedding day should be held hostage by a vendor or by a couple’s lack of knowledge when it comes to planning their wedding day. That’s just plain wrong to me.

Those stories are one of the big reasons I’ve decided to take on the responsibility of helping as many couples as I can, even one’s that don’t hire me, realize they can have the wedding day they really want. Being the Chief Inspiration Officer means it’s my job, my mission, to make wedding days better than they have been.

I’m here to inspire couples to dream big when it comes to their wedding day. Doesn’t matter what your budget is! If there is something you want to do or have done at your ceremony or reception, no matter what your budget is there is probably a way to do it. Within reason of course. Of course there are wedding traditions we see a lot but who says it can’t be non-traditional if that’s the kind of couple you are. Where is it written that you have to eat dinner first then dance? Who says you can’t come in the door dancing then eat dinner later! Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for tradition when it’s appropriate. But sometimes it’s a lot more fun to create your own thing. To make your day unique, as unique as you are.

So that’s me, Rialand Jones, Chief Inspiration Offcier of RJ’s Music Service.

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